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Re: QUESTION-New project

From:Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, February 14, 1999, 14:58
Tim Smith wrote:
> At 08:40 PM 2/12/99 -0800, Jim Grossman wrote: > >JimG -- Say, for those like me who came in late, could you illustrate
> >statements with nonce-examples with English lexemes? I want to know
> >about proximate vs. obviative, applicatives, direct/inverse marking, the > >promotion of NP's to direct object status, etc.? This help will make
> >other listers very grateful. :-)
I'm certainly grateful.
> > > >Jim > > Thanks for your interest! It seems like a lot of people have just
> rejoined the list. So I think what I'm going to do is just quote,
> big chunks of my previous posts on this. I'm not sure it will all make > sense (I was trying to be clear without being overly verbose, which
> come easily to me), so if anything is unclear, please feel free to say
so. [snip posts] The examples are quite clear, so thanks a lot. But since you mentioned the Tagalog trigger system, I'd like to know a bit about it (I mean, from anyone who knows). I did read a description of it some time ago, but it was quite ininteligible. How does it work? --Pablo Flores