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Re: Calling all Conlangers!

From:Padraic Brown <agricola@...>
Date:Sunday, January 20, 2002, 19:51
Am 19.01.02, Chris Palmer yscrifef:

> > Following this logic, universities should never teach courses in > > modern dance - they're made up and lack the "depth" of actual > > (natural, or folk) dances. > > Dance is not purported to be a natural science, so your analogy is bad.
It's an _art_, studied by a science. I never said conlanging was a science.
> Even as an art, conlanging is not ready for establishment in academia.
That's debatable.
> The aesthetics are so personal and so inaccessible to a general audience > that it would be very hard, if not impossible, to formulate them into a > tradition that could be taught and analyzed in the way other art forms > are now.
Sounds familiar. Sounds a lot like all those splotches and squares that make up modern painting. Sounds pretty inaccessible to me.
> Furthermore, the recognized canon is so miniscule as to be > nonexistent (Tolkien's languages, Klingon, Esperanto and > loglan/lojban--the latter two aren't even specifically artlangs > (although lojban is especially beautiful)).
Every art starts with an opus listing of one.
> I love conlangs and conlanging, but it will always be "the secret vice".
Perhaps. I don't like it to go undefended, though.
> Chris
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