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Re: Calling all Conlangers!

From:Chris Palmer <cecibean@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 22, 2002, 0:50
Roger Mills writes:

> -- Any creative endeavor has an underlying "language"; I believe Bernstein's > 1960s lectures on music showed this quite nicely, using the then-popular > Transformational model. "Phonology"-- the notes of the scale; "Morphology" > and "Syntax" including "transformations"; even "Historical"; Dialects; > Languages (e.g. Western vs. Indian or Chinese music. The same goes for > painting, sculpture, architecture--- cooking!
I have those speeches on VHS. Absolutely hilarious and an embarrassment for Bernstein, in my opinion. The basic idea is interesting, but as Bernstein presents it it hardly holds up to any scrutiny.
> BTW I'm going to put the (still incomplete but big) Kash syntax up on my > website, partly to prevent it's being lost again, but also so it will be > available to you. Warning: it's unedited, verbose, repetitive and, at time > I suspect, not terribly well thought-out.
"Release early and often", to quote ESR, and do so without shame or inhibition, I say. It's cool! It's fun to see the development of the languages and materials about them. -- Chris


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