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Re: Calling all Conlangers!

From:Chris Palmer <cecibean@...>
Date:Sunday, January 20, 2002, 4:00
On 19 Jan, Padraic Brown wrote:

> > However as Klingon is a made up language of recent origin it lacks > > the depth of Apache, thus should not be anything other than a > > linguistic toy, not really something that a serious institution > > should be handing out credits for as an actual language. > > _I_ took it as a slight that the art inherent in conlanging is not > worthy of serious study. Or by inferencece that the products thereof > are somehow less artistic than modern art or music (neither of which, > by the way, I can stand; but I do not deny the artistry inherent!).
It sounds to me like the person doesn't want it to be treated, credit-wise, as a natural language (fulfilling e.g. a foreign language requirement for an undergraduate degree) or as an object of linguistic (scientific) study. If my interpretation is correct, I think it's hard to dispute the matter. It's equally hard, and I don't see anybody trying, to dispute the artistry in conlanging. -- Chris


Padraic Brown <agricola@...>