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Re: Calling all Conlangers!

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Monday, January 21, 2002, 4:21
Elliott Belser scripsit:

> Granted that Sindarin, and Quenya, and D'ni and Klingon and what have > you are not as deep as a 'real' language. But they are worthy of > serious study too.
Sure, I agree; after all, I'm here even though I barely qualify as a conlang creator. But I fully agree with those who say that studying a conlang shouldn't be treated as equivalent, in terms of its overall benefit to one's education, as studying a natlang. E-o may qualify as a marginal exception; after all, it's also a marginal example of a natlang, given the small number of native (bilingual) speakers. -- John Cowan Please leave your values | Check your assumptions. In fact, at the front desk. | check your assumptions at the door. --sign in Paris hotel | --Miles Vorkosigan