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Re: Calling all Conlangers!

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Monday, January 21, 2002, 8:09
David Peterson wrote:
> Maybe we already had our genius--Tolkien--, but he didn't defend it so >openly at the time. He wasn't as outgoing about language creation, or the >defense of it, as he might have been. (Or this is the impression I get, at >least.) Maybe now with the imense popularity of Lord of the Rings--and two >more films yet to come--language creation will get some attention. (The >Golden Globes didn't seem to warrant this, though. Ouch!) Or, maybe not. >We may have to wait awhile, but I think it will come.
It may please you to know that the Elfling mailing list, devoted to Tolkien's languages, has received a flood of new participitants since mid-december, all eager to learn Elvish. A few of them as even expressed their wish to create their own language (and some may even be with us in this moment, since I suggested that they join CONLANG). Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at