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Montreiano Prepositions

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, January 5, 2001, 14:11
This post covers the common prepositions used in Montreiano.

a -to
açerca - about, concerning
ant- before
con - with
contra - against
de - of, from, about
debaxo de -underneath, under
desd - from, since
en - in, inside, within
entre - between
áçia - toward/s, near, around, about
ásta - until, up until, as far as, up to
pol - for, by
pora - for, to, towards, in order to, around, by (a time)
pora que - so, so that
según - according to, depending on
sin - without
so - below, under, beneath (used mostly in literature)
soure - over, above, about
tras - behind, after

Note: a, and de have contracted forms when paired with le:

a + le = au - to the
de + le = deu - from, of, about the