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R: Orbis Latinus

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, January 4, 2001, 18:11
Barry, this site is simply fantastic! It really makes me think about a
Romance conlang! Thanks for your precious hint,


> Have any of you visited this site before? It's authored by a Zdravko > Batzarov. There's some links that arent up and some that dont work (like > the font ones), but it seems to be pretty good. He seems to have > information up about Spanish, Portuguese, and French. It looks like he > intends to add information about Italian and Romanian. It's quite nice, > and it's helping me decide on the verb forms for Montreiano (by looking at > Portuguese and Spanish). It also looks like he intends to add information > on the reconstructed grammar of Vulgar latin too. > > And this may also be fortunate, he has the Appendix Probi, and the > Reichenau Glosses as well (Which would be more useful for a ConRomance > Lang that originates in France rather the Iberian peninsula as mine does). > > Check it out: > > Oh and Christophe, you wondered in your Narbonósc post reply to me where > the french word for male comes from, well it originates from > "masculi"apparently. So, you were right in that the circumflex indicates > there was an s in there. > > > ____________________________ > > Aunque vengas de rodillas > y me implores y me pidas > aunque vengas y me llores > que te absuelva y te perdone > Aunque a mi me causes pena > he tirado tus cadenas