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Reformed, Teutonic English

From:Gary L. Davenport <gdaven19@...>
Date:Saturday, October 10, 1998, 20:30
   Hi everyone,

   I'm fairly new to the list, but I wanted to share an idea I am having
for my own conlang: Reformed Teutonic English.

   It's basically an experiment to test my langing skills and to explore
the evolution of English.

   RTE is based on Standard English, with several sharp differences: plural
formation, reformed spelling, and vocabulary.

   My ideas thus far are to reinstate all of the -(e)n and vowel plurals
that have switched to -(e)s, clean up Latin borrowings by using their
original plural forms, and reform the spelling.

   I don't plan on bringing back case or gender distinction, although I
would distinguish between nominative and genitive where applicable (i.e.,
my wife's [weifs] vs. the wifes [weivz] or wolf's [wulfs] vs. wolves

   Anyone else who has similiar ideas or some pointers or advice, contact
me! I plan to take this as far as I can go, and any help would be

   Gary L. Davenport
   Moderator, LATINHELP-L

Gary L. Davenport is currently studying:
   to speak and read High German
   to read Anglo-Saxon and Frysk
   to further his reading knowledge of Latin

Feel free to contact him if you share similiar interests: