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Re: Conlang introduction

From:Yann Kiraly <yann_kiraly@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 15, 2004, 10:29
Here's an as jet unnamed conlang I started to create after reading a paper
on Sanskrit. It isn't an imitation of Sanskrit, though, and I hope it has at
least a few unique features. For now, I'll give only an example of it. While
the word order in the example is SOV, this turns into VSO in questions and
SOV in imperative sentences. While this language has two aspects, imperfect
and perfect, as well as two different levels of evidentiality, marked by the
attested and the unattested indicative, only the first of both distinction
has been made in this example. aa, ii, oo and uu are simply elongated a, i,o
and u, but ee is [e:] instead of e, which is [E]. Well, here it is:
The air is misty
The sky is gray
The streets are empty
I ride through the cold morning.

air axa
[(to be) (duxaa)] (not used, only left in so I don't forget it :)
misty veeni
sky kundo
gray vendai
street lempu
empty xi
to ride fandhaa
cold pondoo
morning kexata

axa veenib
kundo vendaib
lempu xib
a fandhaab kexataba pondoo enet.

axa veeni-b
kundo vendai-b
lempu xi-b
a fandhaa-b kexata-ba pondoo enet.

air misty-[present imperfect attested indicative]
sky gray-[present imperfect attested indicative]
street empty-[present imperfect attested indicative]
I ride-[present imperfect attested indicative] morning-[through] cold
[definite singular locative article].