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Re: vocabulary

From:Jim Henry <jacklongshadow@...>
Date:Friday, April 15, 2005, 17:21
<salut_vous_autre@...> li toki e ni:

>any verbal root can have 4 uses (but the 4 may not all exist):
>Alone it will be an impersonnal verb, when it agrees with the arguments it's >a descriptive/stative verb, when it has the marker "de" and agrees with an >argument it's an active verb, and when it has the prefix "ai-" it's a noun.
>Also, I derived the verbs "die" and "kill" from the same root, "die" being >the stative and "kill" the active
>But when I had to say what'd be the name related to that root, I realise it >would mean both "death" and "murder"
Or "dying" and "killing". Could you apply the nominalizer prefix to a verb that already has the "de" marker? I don't know what your actual root is, so ai-[death] = death, dying ai-de-[death] = killing (not necessarily "murder", as other posters have pointed out). Alternatively, you might have a noun phrase for killing - something like "causing death" ai-[cause] ai-[death] (not necessarily in that order)
>(Out Topic question: why are there some much way to die >and so less to born and live?)
Hm... maybe some cultures would want distinct words for "be born naturally", "be born by C-section", "be born as one's mother is dying", "be born at home", "be born in a hospital"... maybe all derived from underlying verb forms meaning "give birth [under such-and-such conditions]". -- Jim Henry