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Bad Latin

Date:Monday, February 12, 2001, 23:20
I may have missed it, but has anyone mentioned "octopi" ("octopii" ??)
yet? I once saw "octopods" in the title of a scientific paper.

Somehow adding the English -s plural to words that already end in <s>
seems a bit messy and uncertain. I always want to keep duplicating the
<s> -- octopusississis ... So the tendency to extend the < -us / -i >
pattern from Latin loans may help to remove this sort of uncertainty.

Can I put in another vote for "hoodla" please. Can you derive a verb
meaning "to behave in an antisocial manner"?

As for colleges on more than one site "multicampilocular" maybe?

And while I'm here what about the "Pentium"? "Pention" surely?



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