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Re: Books for sanskrit self-study

From:Abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Saturday, July 15, 2006, 22:38
(cleaning out rejects)

Sorry for the humor. Actually do have access to various
dictionaries, but some of it came from reading the Encyclopedia
Brittanica when I was like 9 or so.. Sorry for the use of
idioims (sp). Been degrading since then..  Sadly the rest is the
product of a classic US education system. The fun with being
special needs, the group you all in the same boat and cut you
off, and then wonder why you are not normal or like? Was it
cause you was not "normal" to begin with, or just did not have
the social contacts, education and such, that others have?

Does raise a question, how do use humor in a Conlang? That and
other shadings..

One of the things that some who learn an foreign language, is
understanding not only the vocabulary, grammer, spelling and
such things, but also the shadings of the language.

Like the classic ones of the word Gay..

Old meaning was someone who as happy, likely someone who was
oddly happy, not normal.

But then it came to mean someone who is homosexual, even if many
was not effeminant, some was, and they was seen as being wierd,
odd, different aka Gay, or just too happy?

Now the word has started to mean similar to the original
meaning, but not quite..

Such as being told to clean your room, "its so Gay".
Or doing things that are uncool, are sometimes see as being

Sorry, I love to look at words that some find offensive and find
ways to make them less so offensive, or see how they are used.
Not only the word, but how they are used.. Inflection and such.

No, not a trained linguist..

Me, still trying to figure out how I am a "Pimp". Or I am Pimped
out, or like.. The nuances of a language and how and who uses

Proud to be a Geek/Nerd/Wacko/Nutzo/Mutant/Basketcase/Freak..

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> Quoting "Ph.D." <phil@...>: > > > Hanuman Zhang wrote: > > > > > > Michael Adams wrote: > > > > > > > > Or go further to > > > > > > > > SanSkrit.. > > > > > > > > San = without > > > > Skrit or Script or Scribe? = writing > > > > > > > > Without Writing or .. > > > > > > > > Mike > > > > > > > > > 0_o? Just WTF are you blabbering on about? > > > > > > Why do you continue to just embarass yourself on this
> > > > [snip] > > > > I believe Mike is trying to make a joke. > > I'm quite certain he is, and furthermore connecting to the
Swedish folk
> etymologies of "Sanskrit" recently discussed on this list. > > Andreas
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