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[Re: Roll Your Own IE language]

From:Edward Heil <edwardheil@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 7, 1999, 3:18
Hey, I'd love to see anything you can come up with.

A modern reconstruction of PIE would be a pretty weird language.  Apparen=
it was an "active" language at an early stage.  This is a category I had =
heard of, a third option besides "accusative" and "ergative".

"Active" languages don't really have transitive sentences.  They have
"animate" and "inanimate" nouns, and "active" and "stative" verbs, and th=
noun has to match the verb.  I haven't read much about this, it's all new=
me; sounds a bit like trigger languages.  If anyone has resources on this=

phenomenon I'd love to hear about it.


Mathew Willoughby <sidonian@...> wrote:
> I've toyed with he idea of an IE language. My knowledge > of IE reconstruction is pretty sparse though. I've had a > terrible time trying to find resources. Anyway, I think > that an extrapolation of alternative IE languages > would be pretty cool. Go for it! I'd love to hear about > what you come up with! > =
> I'm especially interested in a conlang that is a rendering > of PIE, or a close relative thereof! I'll try to dig out > some old resources that I found and forward them to you > (but I'm sure the Lehman book is much better) > =
> =
> Edward Heil wrote: > =
> > Has anyone out there tried to construct a new Indo-European language,=
the way
> > that Brithenig has been constructed as a new Romance language? > > > > I'm reading a great book, _Theoretical Bases of Indo-European
Linguistics_, by
> > Winifred P. Lehman. (only $25 in paperback!) It has a wonderful ske=
tch of
> > the structure of the Proto-Indo-European language, and in the back of=
my mind
> > is the idea of using it in a conlang -- either filling in the gaps to=
make a
> > usable conlang out of what we know of PIE, or making up some sound-ch=
> > rules and so on to try to make my own IE lang. > > > > Ed > > > > --------------------------------------------------------- > > Edward Heil .......................... > > --------------------------------------------------------- > > > > ____________________________________________________________________ > > Get free e-mail and a permanent address at
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