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Re: [Re: Roll Your Own IE language]

From:Edward Heil <edwardheil@...>
Date:Friday, April 9, 1999, 1:41
Mathew Willoughby <sidonian@...> wrote:
> Here are some PIE (and related) links that I've found in my > wanderings... > =
> This site is what you might call a crash course in PIE phonology: > =
Tremendous! And thanks. I notice that he disagrees completely with Lehm= ann, and you, below, disagree with both of them, as far as phonetic realizatio= ns of the laryngeals -- which is why for purposes of study I wish people would = keep them abstract, and let us conlangers decide for purposes of our individua= l pseudo-PIEs what they "really" were. :)
> --Aside-- > H1 could be the unvoiced uvular fricative, > H2 could be a pharyngeal fricative (just try saying > them without your mouth wide open in the /a/ position, > w/out choking on your own tongue!) and > H3 could be "labialized" unvoiced uvular fricative. > --end aside-- > =
> There was a whole summit about this on the Indo-European > list. I believe it's still going on.
How do I get on this list? sounds like a place worth lurking.
> This is Cyril Babaev's site; a lot of articles and info here on PIE > =
Cyril's great. =
> Highly controversial, this is the "Proto Language" website. > Although not necessarily a believer, I find the propositions > fascinating. > =
If by "highly controversial" you mean "smells like snake oil," I agree. := ) I think one could call this "conlanging by one who doesn't realize that's w= hat he's doing." But I suppose to one degree or another you could level that= accusation at anyone who does any reconstruction in the least bit specula= tive. Ed --------------------------------------------------------- Edward Heil .......................... --------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________________________________________________ Get free e-mail and a permanent address at 1