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Re: Kontaxta

From:Ivan Baines <kinetic_wab@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 2, 2005, 17:51
> It sounds interesting, no matter what it sounds like. Though > it could be something like Japanese or Korean or something > like that in my opinion.
That may because the syllable structure is inspired by Japanese. A syllable may be CV, V or C (but while in Japanese the only C syllable is 'n', here pretty much any consonant can stand as a syllable on its own). So e.g. "kontaxta" is 5 syllables and is broken down as "ko/n/ta/x/ta"; all syllables are equal in length so this takes just as much time to pronounce as, say, "kolonoava" or "alteuli".
> You're like me at first speaking with an amazing speed! I > nearly couldn't follow the lines while listening to your > recording. Now I know why people said I'd sound like a > native speaker of my conlang due to the speed if they > didn't know it better. The same goes for you (Kudos!).
Thanks. Kudos to you too, I've listened to the recordings on your site! :-)
> I don't know if it is due to your grammar, but there's not > much melody in your sentences as it seems. I guess you've > got the same problem like me, when I read out my version of > the babel text -- most of the words didn't say anything to > me in fact, so I didn't know how to intonate all parts of > the sentences.
Well, I did make sure that I got a feeling for the function of the unfamiliar words, at least, before making the recording. I think the lack of melody is just the way I talk. :-) English in general (well UK English at least) tends to be less melodic than languages like German I think, but I guess I'm a boring speaker. I'll try and add more intonation in future recordings!
> All in all, you've done a great job. I'd still appreciate an > interlinear, though.
Already posted it - see my message of yesterday evening. IB.


Damian Yerrick <tepples@...>