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Re: Six more conlang relays already complete

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 3:51
And Rosta wrote:

>Roger: >> BTW those Lojban relays were extremely interesting. I wonder-- do the >> participants know the source of the text? (I suppose not-- but what
>> if someone recognizes it? The paragraph from Poe might have been
>> and I had the impression someone had perhaps recognized the passage
>> Frank Auerbach, as one of the middle versions struck me as more coherent >> that it had a right to be.) > >It's inconceivable that anybody could have recognized it. It was taken >from an exhibition catalogue that had only been published shortly >before I took the text from it. > >Which passage did you find impressively coherent? I'd like to take a >look & come up with an explanation. The most likely explanation is that >many of the participants are (as on all Conlang relays, I'm sure) >very sensitive & talented when it comes to matters linguistic. >
Hmm, taking another look, I see it was the English of Xorxes, translating from your initial Lojban. That early in the relay, I guess it's understandable that the text would be relatively unchanged-- though your "most likely explanation" occurred to me, as well. Anyway, it's an interesting way to do a relay, alternating Conlang--English or other--Conlang-etc. We could do it, probably with some difficulty, at least with those conlangs that have ample grammars and lexicons on the web. (I'm getting an idea..........)