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Hail Mary (changes)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 19:04
After sending, I realized I'd omitted an important phrase:

> > Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.... > > Kash: > te manomo mariyaye, iyale yandin çehamala....
Should be: te manomo mariyaye, londo praleleñ, iyale yandin çehamala.... londo 'full', leleñ '(ethical) goodness, righteousness' (pra- 'honorific') Also, I've decided that "yemoni parumalti" 'fruit of thy womb' sounds un-Kash. _Yemo_ are the product of plants, they're sweet and juicy and are eaten, and the words seems not to be used figuratively... (Sometimes the Kash can be so literal-minded.) Therefore that line ought to be: ..i prakarona parana alo parumaliti, Yesu... and HON-blessed HON-child from HON-womb-gen.-your Revised version: te manomo mariyaye, londo praleleñ, iyale yandin çehamala. Prakarona hat alo yuno kaçumili, i prakarona parana alo parumaliti, Yesu. Mariya prakarona, parinde çehanga, pakrimaçemaka uçombim, tayanju i ri aroni akorembim. endo sañ. [tema'nomo ma"ri(j)a'e, 'londo.pra'lElEN, (?)i'jale 'jandin "Sexa'mala. praka'rona 'xat (?)alo"juno"kaSu'milji ?i.praka'rona pa'rana alo "paruma'liti 'jesu. ma'ri(j)a"praka'rona, pa'rindeSe'xaNga, pa"krima'Semaka.u'Sombim, ta'jandZu(w)iri(j)a'roni"(j)ako'rEmbim. "?Endo'saN] The final stress on [ma"ri(j)a'e] is a little anomalous (ordinarily would be [mari'(j)ae])-- but it's (a) a vocative and (b) a colloquial touch. There should also be a [?] between parana and alo, but I can't get it to print right, here. (And I'm not sure [lj] is correct (C)XS for a palatalized [l], but you get the idea.)