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Re: Things I don't like about Minza

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Friday, March 30, 2007, 2:36
David J. Peterson wrote:
> You know the first hit on Minza is your Zelda walkthrough--and > it's a Zelda I haven't played before! If you're talking about a *Zelda* > walkthrough, not an Ocarina of Time walkthrough, you'd better > be talking about the *first* Zelda--or, at the very least, the third > on Super Nintendo. *grumble*
Well, I did give the full title in the first sentence of the page. But a _Link to the Past_ walkthrough would also be a good idea, if I ever get around to it. As you can see, I didn't get very far in the _Ocarina of Time_ walkthrough, and it's written in a really outdated version of Minza, which follows the original Lindiga version pretty closely. So I might want to start with a different Zelda game if I try this again. But at the time I assumed OoT would be one of the more familiar Zelda games, and the inspiration for the walkthrough page actually came from reading a Dutch walkthrough of OoT (and finding how much the familiarity of the game actually helped me to understand the Dutch text). In some ways, I think _A Link to the Past_ is really the prototypical Zelda game that all of the later games can be traced back to. Of course, it's amazing just how much of the original _Legend of Zelda_ set the pattern for all future Zelda games, considering how limited the NES was. But as ground-breaking as LoZ was, I don't think a walkthrough of that game would make a very interesting conlang text to work through. _Twilight Princess_ would make an interesting walkthrough, once you get past the first tutorial part, but that game is huge, almost as long as Okami!
> Herman: > << > 1. Keep the structured vocabulary list and the grammar, but throw out > the actual words and start over. > > 2. Keep the existing vocabulary, but redo the morphology. Throw out any > words that don't fit well with the new morphology or the style of the > language. > >> > > I vote for both: Two new languages! That could be a very interesting > project.
I was kind of thinking of a revision of Minza, which I'd just call "Minza" (or "Minza 2.0"), rather than a new language per se. But it could be interesting to branch the language. I could do a walkthrough of some game that has two different versions... the upcoming Pokémon Diamond/Pearl comes to mind.... But then I think about how much work that would be....