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Kijeb sandhi

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>
Date:Thursday, March 29, 2007, 9:36
I have entered some preliminary stuff for a new and expanded
section on Kijeb sandhi to
<>, since I in the course of
revising Kijeb verbal morphology I've found that I need

1) some way to reduce the length of compound and
    derived words,
2) morphs that are smaller than a syllable,
3) some 'explanation' for the very restricted range of
    permissible consonant clusters(*) in Kijeb,

and metrically induced vowel loss (ending up essentially
with a regular alternation between (secondary) stressed and
unstressed syllables) followed by sandhi changes in the
arising clusters seem to do all three tricks.

I'd like your input on how realistic (phonetically
plausible) the sandhi changes look. Any suggestions that may
make them more realistic or interesting are welcome!

(*) An 'output' syllable may begin in any consonant,
optionally followed by /y/ or /r/ or /ry/, and end in any of
/t n s r/, with final /t/ bcoming [d] before voiced
obstruents, and with the restriction that /ts/ doesn't
occur. Word finally /nt ns st rt rs/ and perhaps /rnt rns
rst/ may occur.


/BP 8^)>

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