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CHAT: Trial of the century?

From:vardi <vardi@...>
Date:Saturday, January 16, 1999, 5:44
Has anyone else noticed a dramatic reduction in flow on the list over
the last few days?

Could it be that the American participants (and others) are glued to the
televison watching the bizarre events from Washington DC?

Perhaps we could each offer our conlang versions of the following:

1.  I didn't inhale.
2.  My own infidelity is quite a different matter.
3.  Cigars are for putting in your mouth.

To get the ball rolling (in Tesk):
*1. 'k heef niet itnafst nie.
*2. men' ee^ne nemaminereina xeel sjonder sjaj is.
*3. sigaren isjete thiman mwaad.