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Trial of the century? DRUNI

From:list James E. Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Saturday, January 16, 1999, 16:42
Re: Bizarre happenings in Washington (Sheri: ta brinkiulkin dini

I am NOT interested! (Ida zhoyese dzaniit onyara RA!)

1)  Dinitalemyavu ra! (I did not inhale!)
2) Valayit korun zhoyit shtinuramos onyara. (My infidelity is a different
3)  Dini ta zhotese ta tsigaru mishyaren.

NOTES:  infidelity in Druni can be applied to many matters other than
marriage.  There is a specific word "Shtinuramos" which means "mis-relating

Smoking (the inhaling of the burnt ash of any substance into the lungs) is
unknown to the Druni, it would make them very sick.  So cigars are also
unknown.  They have borrowed the Terran word "tsigar" for this purpose.

May the peoples of the Earth straighten out their political affairs! (Ta ebonu
Tera savutit nalyunit korunenovon ardralafyaten!)

Varem' vey Parem'
Jim H
ta Druntan