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shopping list's too long...

From:Andrew Smith <hobbit@...>
Date:Monday, November 30, 1998, 5:05
I was writing my shopping list before I went to the supermarket on
Saturday and I wrote lettuce, and the thought went through my head "Now
that's lla llaethyg in Brithenig".  Suddenly I knew I had to work out what
all the rest were.  An afternoon's work discovered about half the things I
buy could be translated offhand from words I already know or have on file,
but I still have find things like "vegemite", "salami", and "weet-bix"!  I
think conlanging is its own punishment!

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

- andrew.

Andrew Smith, Intheologus             
Life is short, so am I!

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