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Queranarran texts.

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Friday, November 28, 2003, 1:57
Here are the (v. few) texts I have to go with the
description of Queranarran:


An çaganain ez ahwan, nima-han lelanna nand
lalaytionil = On seeing her husband, the woman
leaps for joy.

Pandreynaayso | eswakunar ra-eim di-pan sacanana
lalaythawsan || mas | yantahon ra-hero waukun =
If it is so that thou truly seeks this, to find
Rest; now, within thyself thou must seek! [From
the Petricon of Telerani religion]

A Mothers Prayer:

An aidoduasay | canasossen ehan di tesan ez
cwestesawavars.  Silionil, aidonil, han-cor
teshwaren ehan d' ewon, tesvarossen ehan di
hwaton ez thesan.  Aidonil, thawsossen ehan tendi
nan vana ez endi.

Always: let me teach right ways to my sons of
swift growth.  Faithfully and for aye, whatever I
do to one, let me do to all my sons.  Always: let
me inspire them with my wisdom.

        A Classified Vocabulary

Clan and Family
wata [waith]; tribe, clan
nima; woman, girl, daughter
parthi; man, boy
tesa; son
enca; woman, wife, best friend
nico; man, husband, best friend
ahwan; husband, wife, mate
ehan; I (fem)
çan; I (mascul)
ra; thou (fem)
tas; thou (mascul)
amma; Mam
addi; Da
awan; equal age sibling
haunra; womans elder sister
tauma; womans younger sister
bondou; womans elder brother
nemdan; womans younger brother
mitan; mans elder sister
çanda; mans younger sister
macdan; mans elder brother
tavan; mans younger brother
harrani; cousin

çaganain; see
canasawin; teach right ways to
hwarein; do something
lelanain; leap, dance
marein; do the same thing to each
sacanawin; find
sawain; grow
thawsewin; inspire
wakunawin; seek

cweste; quick, speedy
cwestesawavars; quickly growing
lalaythawsan; Rest
lalaytio; joy, happiness
vana; light, wisdom
taggo; great size, height

pan; this
han; this
han-cor; whatever
an; on, at, upon
di; to, at
ez; from
nand; with
mas; now
nan; with (instr)
yantahon; from the middle, in the middle
aidoduasay; everyday, ever
silionil; faithfully
aidonil; ever, always
drey; so, true
naay; yes
so; no
eim; indeed
ewon; one (pronoun)
hwaton; all
tendi; them (mascul)


la cieurgeourea provoer mal trasfu ast meiyoer ke 'l andrext ben trasfu.


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