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Sarah's language.

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Sunday, January 12, 2003, 19:59
From: "Sarah Marie Parker-Allen"

> This list also illustrates a problem > I have, in that by using LangMaker, my words > have a lot of meaningless > roots. > > spring zhoshra > seagull zhoskei > universe, cosmos zhoslka > library zhosllei > > See? All start with the same root, "zhos," > but aren't connected to each other.
Not so fast! You can always english it around so that these "unconnected" words become in fact connected. Take the root zhos- to mean "beginning, origin" the other roots then modify zhos- and complete its meaning: zhos + ehra = origin + time = beginning of the year, or Spring (assuming that Spring _is_ the beginning of the year in this langauge!) zhos + ekhei = origin + bird = bird from the place of origin (the Sea being the origin of life and the world) zhos + lka = origin + complete = origin of all things, the Universe zhos + ellei = origin + wisdom = place where wisdom starts Voi là, the words are all of a sudden a lot less disconnected.
> And I'm pretty sure I was short on sleep the > day I came up with this list > of > grammatical genders: > > adult male > adult female > child/youth > infant/animals
Those all make sense: there are clear distinctions between m/f adult humans; which become less clear in children; practically disappear in babies, not to mention that the distinction between human and animal is next to nonexistent in babies.
> inanimate (general)
An old favourite.
> diminutive/informal familiar > formal-superior > formal-inferior
These generally aren't grammatical genders. But hey, it's your language!
> spirit/ephemeral
Another fav.
> formal-superior-plural > inanimate-plural
These two make a little less sense, as number is generally not considered a grammatical gender.
> child/youth/infant/animal-plural > adult-plural > collective personages-plural
Giving plural forms their own separate genders is a bit confusing to me. Are women as a group (or for that matter a group of women) a different gender than a single woman, then? Padraic. ===== Percumion farfer, ec nasteros em purfelos, polim ed siramet. -Pomperios Perfurios. .


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