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CHAT Re: Singing in foreign langs. was Re: Greetings

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, January 12, 2003, 22:53
Sally Caves wrote:
>Where does the "Dominique" song come from? I seem to associate it with >something called "The Singing Nun." Also, "Allouette"? From some musical? >From a folktune? Who is this unhappy bird? I always assumed it was getting >plucked alive. >
"Dominique", AFAIK, became popular in the US in the 60s, and the performer was indeed "The Singing Nun". I seem to recall she was Belgian...and recorded other things but they didn't catch on. "Allouette" (maybe just one |l|) is old-- we sang it in 7th grade music class way back in the 40s and it was said to be French-Canadian. Then there's "Au pres de ma blonde", probably a soldiers' song. Sidenote: over the holidays I saw an infomercial for a Time-Life series of CDs memorializing the "Folk movement" of the 60s-- The Singing Nun made an appearance, along with a lot of other well-remembered groups. Immense nostalgia so many periods, even specific events, of my life are associated with the music I was hearing at the time..I'll probably pop for the stuff though it's a bit expensive (9 CDs, $100)
>Same for German.
I learned some quite passable Berlin dialect by listening-- over and over-- to Lotte Lenya singing songs of Brecht/Weill-- she had excellent diction, the album had complete lyrics-- all the great things from 3penny, Mahagonny and others. Of course I was limited to saying things like (pardon the spelling): "Bill's Ballhaus im Bilbao war das schönste auf dem ganze Kontinent..." or "Ich war jung, Gott, erst sechszehn Jahre...", or "Rom war eine Stadt und alle Römer hatten in den Adern heisses Blut..." or "Denn wie man sich bettet, so liegt man..." but you never know when those might come in handy. (This was a1950s LP "Berlin Theater Songs", now on CD thank God.) Apologies for the ramble. Pathetic ObConlang: Yes, I've got some vague ideas for a musical setting of my Kash poem "Fosi Tambranipan" (Sailing to Tambranipa-- sort of their equivalent to "Auld Lang Syne"). But my singing voice causes the cats to cover their ears and give me concerned looks.......


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