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Re: R: Re: R: Re: Old Norse (was Re: New to the list)

From:Vima Kadphises <vima_kadphises@...>
Date:Friday, June 23, 2000, 18:43
Mangiat <mangiat@...> wrote:
Which dialect do you speak? Not dialatt bulgnais, perchance?
"No, fortunately. I can't bear dialects southern than Milanées (not that I am a 'leghista', obviously. No man whit a little of culture can seriously be one of them. I simply don't like them - neither I can understand a word...)" I'm *very* glad to hear that. As you can imagine, I have no love for el senatur. "A sentence in my dialect? Well, let's try a proverb, one of my favs: 'dòma giùvina e omm vecc fan fijöö fin al tecc' /'dOna 'dZujna @ 'Om 'vEtS fa~ fi.'Y: fi~ al 'tEtS/, 'a young woman and an old man will have sons up to the roof' : )" In Bulgnais it would look something like this: "dóna zòuvena e ómen vècio fan fiù fénna al tét" "Carlo ??? Hey, where are you from?" I'm quite American - you know, the usual mongrel mix of something like Bavarian, Scotch-Irish, Cherokee, Pennsylvania Dutch, and other fine stocks. However, a couple years ago I took a leave of absence from my school and studied in Bologna with the fine folks in the Dipartimento (gia' Istituto) di Glottologia at the University there, hence the nickname "Carlo." Also, some of my ancestors were Italian (my mother's family, all Meridionali). Some of the Bolognese told me (to my face, none the less) that this doesn't make me Italian at all, rather it makes me "maruchen." One girl explained that Italian-Americans aren't really "Italians" at all, because they are descended from Africans. This was not the sort of discussion I generally choose to engage in, and I would have let the subject drop if it weren't for my roommate, Antonella, who is Sardinian. After this girl finished her rant about the fine people of the Mezzogiorno, she continued "... e voi sardi..." never to finish, because it was at this point that Antonella began to tear her a new asshole. I won't go into the specifics of Antonella's defense of us "brown people" of Italy, only because it became rather gruesome and is not fit for polite conversation. Don't get me wrong -- for me, it is a source of immense cultural pride to be affiliated with the likes of Augustine and Hannibal, even if Bossi and the leghe associate us with Africa solely to denigrate us (no pun intended). -Carule --------------------------------- Do You Yahoo!? Get Yahoo! Mail - Free email you can access from anywhere!