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Re: CHAT: musical mayhem (was Re: Perfect Pitch)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 26, 2000, 17:18
zHANg wrote:
->    When I was still living in Houston, TX, I did a performance art piece
>the Warehouse District. I got a small amount of grant money to do this >performance - solo percussion, in which I played a battery of cymbals.
(snip, unfortunately)
> Later that week, the local art&entertainment weekly ran an article in >which stated my "unpretentious, gleefully malicious" performance was the
>memorable of all the evening's "artsy-fartsy" events.>
BRAVO! Just read about the festival of "Maverick"music in SF conducted by Tilson-Thomas (probably pretty mainstream stuff from your POV-- Ives, Ruggles, Terry Riley, that ilk......) that sounded worthwhile. You might remember--- years ago, when Tom Snyder still interviewed interesting people on his NBC late night show, he had a guy on who played a huge steel I-beam with a violin bow. Really nice sound. And check out the "Bowed Piano Ensemble", a Bay area group I think-- there's a nice CD (New Albion) "Vikings of the Dawn: Fantasy on the Polynesian Star-Navigators". I played it for a professional/conventional pianist, who couldn't believe it wasn't a synthesizer.