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SHOEBOX: damn thing!!!

From:Dan Jones <yl-ruil@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 26, 2000, 12:07
Ahem. I'm not exactly the world's most patient man, but I tried. Honestly, I
tried. However, the Shoebox walkthrough is probably the most unweildy,
unhelpful and impenetrable piece of literature I have ever had the
misfortune to come across! I can't make head nor tail of it!

However, since there seem to be many good people who do know how to work the
infernal thing, I come to you for help on what seems to be a relatively
simple concept. Please excuse my ignorance; software scares and intimidates
me, I leave it alone and it leaves me alone and we get on fine.

Well, here come the questions. I am trying to transfer the Bulyth lexicon
into Shoebox, and I am using MDF 4.0 language encodings. I want to use the
\a "alternative" and \u "underlying" fields (for irregular plurals) but
Shoebox insists that "Marker not in list. Add it?". What should I do? Add

And also, what is the part of speech for a plural inflection?

Please help me, my sanity and the computer's ongoing health relies on your
kind assistance! I just can't face that damn walkthrough again!


Lo deu nu preca êl'aisún necoui.  God prays at noone's altar.

Dan Jones: