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Re: TECH: (off-topic) Help unscrambling metadata for a song

From:René Uittenbogaard <ruittenb@...>
Date:Saturday, September 13, 2008, 7:17
I just pasted it into an empty html document and let Firefox guess the
encoding. It guessed Simplified Chinese, GB18030. I don't know
Chinese, so you'll have to take it from here.


Name: 无条件为你
Artist: 梁静茹
Album: 梁静茹live全记录cd+vcd
Comments: yantze整理 2002.05

2008/9/13 Ollock <ollock@...>:
> ISTR someone on this list reconstructing scrambled Chinese text before, so > I'd like to see if someone can rework the encoding on this music file that > was sent to me some time ago over MSN. Here's the data as it appears in > iTunes: > Name: ÎÞÌõ¼þΪÄã > Artist: Áº¾²Èã > Album: Áº¾²ÈãliveÈ«¼Ç¼cd+vcd > Comments: yantzeÕûÀí 2002.05 > > I have no idea what encoding it came from. Nor do I know if it's simplified > or traditional, though I'd try traditional first as the friend who sent it > is from Hong Kong. >


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