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Chilling the Chimichangas (was: KuJomu - the writing)

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Friday, November 8, 2002, 14:49
H.S. writes

>Yoon Ha Lee wrote: >[snip] >> Oh, believe me, I gave up on ever creating fonts long ago. Then again, I >> like doing calligraphy when my hands aren't frozen numb (brrr...Boston is >> *not* friendly to a Houstonian...) so it's not too bad. > >Does Boston get as cold as Toronto in winter? We sometimes get down to >-25C (sorry, I dunno how to count in F :-P), plus windchill it's about >-40C.
It can and does get a mite nippy, but the ocean seems to mitigate. No lake effect either. So I think Toronto would regularly win out. When I lived on Lake Sunapee up in New Hampshire, we got the temps you're describing. For the past week or so, it *has* been unseasonably cool (grâce à notre voisin du nord, lui, je suppose, moi). I thought Yoon Ha was a fellow Cornellian, high above Cayuga's waters, so I'd've thought she would be accustomed to having her bippy frosted. We'll talk on Sunday :) There's a delightful expression in Chinese, "cheng2liang2", which means to appreciate/enjoy the coolness of,say, a summer evening. An expat friend of mine and I jokingly translated it directly as "ride the cool", so, Riding the cool, I am Kou