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Lindiga web test

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Friday, November 8, 2002, 3:26
As Lindiga phonology evolves, I'm starting to think that I should
distinguish between voiced and voiceless consonants. The problem is that
the trick of using commas instead of dots under the consonants won't work
for the new letters that represent voiced sounds. There aren't any
precomposed "d" and "z" with commas or cedillas, and the combining
comma/cedilla diacritics don't exist in Times New Roman. Fortunately, it
_does_ have the combining dot below, but of course it doesn't line up

So I made a test page.

This page contains samples of characters with separate dots and precomposed
characters (for all except the slashed L, since Unicode doesn't have a
precomposed "l with stroke and dot below" character), with the default font
and also with the Thryomanes font. All of these are readable in Mozilla 1.1
(Windows XP), although the dots in the first sample aren't lined up
properly. Internet Explorer 6.0 can't display the precomposed characters if
the default font doesn't have them, but both versions of the Thryomanes
test display correctly. If the Thryomanes font isn't installed, only the
version with separate dots is readable.

I'm thinking of using the third sample -- characters with separate dots,
and the Thryomanes font -- since that version seems to work best in the
configurations that I've tested. If anyone wants to test the page with
different browsers, default browser fonts, or operating systems, let me
know of any problems that come up.

If you don't have the Thryomanes font, you can download it from:

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