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OT: Historical Linguistics Question

From:Tom Chappell <tomhchappell@...>
Date:Thursday, September 15, 2005, 0:49
Dear Conlang List Group Members:

On the MSN Group "LINGUISTICS & LANGUAGES" General messages board is a thread
entitled "Is Hebrew Asian Greek?". You can find its URL here below:

Some of its messages contain the following two URLs:

One of its messages also contains the following quote:

"Semerano's work has revolutionized etymological linguistics."

The last two URLs mentioned have blurbs about books by Yahuda and Levin that say
similar things about their work.

The thing is; in a questionnaire I once saw on "are you a crackpot?", saying such
things about yourself added to a positive score leading to a heightened
probability that yes, indeed, your pot was cracked.

I have never heard of Semerano, nor of Saul Levin, nor of Konstantinos G.
Georgansa, nor of Joseph Yahuda.

I wish members closer to Oxbridge, or to places where Greek and/or Hebrew are
L1s, will tell me whether and/or by how much, each of these men is a cracked

And, who is Semerano, and did he or she (or possibly it or they) really
revolutionize anything, or is Amedeo talking through his hat, as I frequently


Tom H.C. in MI

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