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Lin 'phonology' (was Plan B phonology)

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Thursday, September 15, 2005, 10:10
Jörg Rhiemeier wrote:

>Hallo! > >R A Brown wrote: > >
>>Yes, picked up, as i said, by a family living in the Chambal valley of >>central India. On further investigation, I find that the Lynu, the >>'speakers' of Lin, inhabit a planet in the Solar system Gleipskandhu in >>the galaxy NGC0888, 101 000 light years far from from our own Milky Way. >>See: >> >> >> > >Space opera galore! Not the kind of stuff a sane person can take >seriously. And why does he invoke another *galaxy* if there are >probably millions of life-bearing worlds in ours? > >
Are conlangers sane? :-) I don't know why he had to go for galaxy NGC0888. Srikanth is, I believe, an astro-physicist, so perhaps he just loves long 7 vast distances. Maybe also he wanted, in an impressive way, to show his belief that thought travels faster than light - Who knows?
>But I discover also that in version 5.03 of Lin, Srikanth has abandoned >the dual pronunciation of the non-alphabetic characters ("cements") - >they now each have a single, invariable sound; see: > > > > >The voiced aspirated stops betray Srikanth's Indo-Aryan linguistic >background. >
Actually, in view of the 'internal history' of his language, this is just what we should expect. He himself says that we do not know how, if at all, the Lynu actually phoneticize their language. What he says he represents is the way the language is presented to him by the family in *central India* which is in telepathic communication with the Lynu. In this case, we should expect an Indic phoneticization.
>But someone ought to tell him that English _her_ and >French _feu_ do NOT contain the same vowel. >
>And spelling /&:/ as >| | (space!) is of course hardcore. > >
But the single space is used as a 'cement' and has AFAIK be given phonetic representation in all prior versions of Lin. In Lin version 4.3 it was: [A~:] after a consonant; after a vowel, it made the preceding vowel short [sic] and nasalized. I suppose the single sound [&:] is an improvement :) -- Ray ================================== ================================== MAKE POVERTY HISTORY