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Shelli poem

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 15, 2005, 0:22
Here's my Gwr version, which I've also sent to David P.  Very easy (too
easy??), almost word for word, even preserving the 5-syl/5-line form.
Perhaps the author was She-li Pr-si :-)))))

The tones are: 1 low, 2 low-rising, 3 mid, 4 high-falling, 5 high
She-li tu-l

ngu1 gaq1 day1 ti:-de3
wa:ng2 waung3 shiq3 tr4 ming3
br1-poyh5 laq3 liwng4 tru:5
xwè3 caq5, tru:5-tuing1 dliq3
treng3 trong-de3 shòng3 pr3

She-li poem
with/using thick tree leg-pl
beast plod smooth(ly) through air/atmosphere
pull-boat float calm sea
collide rock, sea-thief steal
red tusk-pl sell market