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A Conlang by the group: phonology

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Saturday, October 10, 1998, 14:57
De: Tommie Powell <tommiepowell@...>
Fecha: S=E1bado 10 de Octubre de 1998 05:02
Asunto: Re: A Conlang, created by the group?
Tommi wrote:

>I don't want to get involved in this project (too much work!) but I just >want to make this comment: The consonants q and qg (as I've seen their >sounds described in previous posts) are made far back in the mouth, whil=
e f
>and v are made far forward, and I find it physically difficult to follow=
>or qg with f or v for that reason: Specifically, my jaw slips backward t=
>make q or qg, and then I have to move my jaw forward before I can make t=
he f
>or v -- for, if I don't, my upper front teeth will touch so far forward =
>my lower lip (in making f or v) that my mouth will virtually close (turn=
>the f into p or the v into b). > >Is this just me, or do natural languages that have back-of-the-throat >consonants tend to not have f and v? > >-- Tommie
I've test trying to say thinks like kufqif (note the voiced/unvoiced agreement)... not very easy but possible. "biqgav", still posible. we can try avoiding those words, at word building stage and our throats a= nd tongues would need some training... but I like it. We could use phonetics to give a clue of something, leaving front consonants, and nasals in kind concepts and back consonants and <r> in ru= de concepts. hmm... -- Carlos Th