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A Conlang by de group: genders

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Saturday, October 10, 1998, 14:49
Rethinking the gender evidence/gender merge and the subgenders, I will try

phisical evidence: you have seen, touch, percive with your senses the act
deduced evidence: you have seen, touch, percive, listen to effects of the
act and can recreate de fact.
refered evidence: you have been told of the act itself.

Analogous genders:
concrete things: things you can see, listen, percive with your senses.
mental things: things you can deduce based on your knoledge or perceptions
but are no phisical (abstract things)
speech things: things involving language, very suitable for us conlangers.

This level of evidence and gender are compulsory: al nouns have to mark this
distinction as well as any acompaning modifiers.

Subevidence & subgenders
- ? / person and any speech capable creature/organization
- ? / animated or live things
- ? / inanimated things

- deduced by own thoughts / ideas
- deduced after phisical evidence / perception
- remembering / knowledge
- ? / action

- trusted source / speech creations (languages, works, etc.)
- transcription of given source / gramatical terms
- gossip / ?

Those subevideces/subgenders are not compulsory.  If agreement is needed
words must agree in first level gender and must not disagree in second level

If deduced/mental is given by ending in -o, ideas would end in -ido (this
way ending in -o).