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another new conlang

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 19, 2003, 4:20
i've just started working on a conlang and here's what i have so far:

Consonants (stupid IPA chart doesn't have symbols for all of them, but it
says that they are all possible):
[p\]/[B] <b>
[H]/[H_0] <w>
labiodental plosive (voiced/unvoiced) <p>
[F] <m>
labiodental trill <pp>
[t`]/[d`] <t>
[r`] <tt>
retroflex lateral fricative <tx>
[l`] <l>
[c]/[J\] <c>
palatal trill <cc>
palatal lateral fricative <cx>
[L] <j>
[k]/[g] <k>
velar lateral fricative <kx>
[L\] <ll>
[q]/[G\] /q/
uvular trill /qq/
uvular lateral fricative /qx/
uvular lateral approximant /r/
pharyngeal plosive <?>
pharyngeal trill <??>
[h\] <h>

sounds that can be voiced or voiceless are voiced before voiceless vowels
and voiceless before voiced vowels.

[y] <ii>
[y_0] <i>
[Y] <uu>
[Y_0] <u>
[2] <oo>
[2_0] <o>
[9] <ee>
[9_0] <e>
[&] <aa>
[&_0] <a>

anyone wan't to try pronouncing a word like _??iihetx_?  how about

some words:
?kxruucc - the
??iihetx - and
wamq - to be
mrYcxooll - hello
hr??jyaaqxltxm - ouch ;)))

sounds fun, doesn't it?

maybe once i work out some more of the grammar i'll post some samples or

Robert Wilson
fanai kabl dala ninl.


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