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Re: Translation Relays

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 0:04
Jan van Steenbergen writes:
 >  --- Arthaey Angosii skrzypszy:
 > > I've just found out about the tranlsation relay CONLANG has had in the past
 > > via Sally's article.  How often does this sort of fun happen?  Is there
 > > another one planned for the foreseeable future?
 > Currently, there are two relay lists.
 > The "official" one is:
 > At this moment the Seventh Relay is going on, but heavily delayed. Anyway, be
 > on that list if you want to participate in the next relay. Perhaps, if Bob
 > Greenwade agrees, you might also participate in the ongoing relay.
 > Another list is:
 > There is also a relay going on, but AFAICT the rules are a bit different. No
 > doubt you can join in at any time.

Speaking of relays, are the results of the 6th online anywhere at
present?  I think they used to be at but that address doesn't
work any more.  I never finished reading them.