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Re: YEAFPT- Yet another French pronunciation thread

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Saturday, March 6, 2004, 0:53
--- Christophe Grandsire
<christophe.grandsire@...> wrote:
> En réponse à Adam Walker : > > > >So, assuming /S/ I'd get xucheri. Assuming /tS/ > I'd > >get chucheri. Assuming somthing between /tS/ and > /S/ > >aveu uls ovus fi nifridjud sini juna cugumeja -- > I'd > >have eggs fried without a skillet. > > LOL. > > > >Anyone else out there with an opinion on 13th c. > >Norman pronunciation? > > Actually, since English borrowed the word as > "shock", I guess it was > pronounced with a /S/. But it all depends on the > timing of that borrowing :) . >
Unfortunately, English didn't borrow "shock" until the 16th c. So, it's not much help time-wise and presumably borrowed from standard French rather than Norman. ADam
> Christophe Grandsire.
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