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CHAT: R: Re: barbarisms (was: CHAT: Being both theologically correct and properly modern)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Monday, May 14, 2001, 12:20
John wrote:

> Raymond Brown scripsit: > > > Elsewhere in Europe, however, AFAIK the Byzantine & modern Greek system
> > retained. I had thought that German influence in classical scholarship
> > ensured that the Henninian pronunciation had not found a foothold on the > > American side of the pond and that the Byzantine oral stress was still
> > there. Young Muke's email had shattered yet another myth I entertained > > about Americans: so the Henninian barbarism have reached there <sigh> > > Well, after all, the Greek derivatives in English, and Greek proper names > in English, are given Henninian stress: "A'cropolis", "Alex'ander" (not > "Alexan'der"), whether Across the Water or not.
Shouldn't that be Aléksandros, (gen. Aleksándrou)? Alexander is a Latin form (-rus > -er, under Oscan influence). Luca
> I have never studied Greek, so I don't know what > pronunciation is taught here, but I bet it's a reconstructed classical
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