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Re: Essentialist Explanations, 8.0 edition

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, June 24, 2001, 23:07
Coptic is Gaulish that got lost in the desert.  ~DaW~

From: "t. alexander mcleay"

| John Cowan wrote:
|  > There is now a separate Italian section, thanks to a whole set
|  > of Italian dialect E.E.'s.
|  >
|  > I need only 8 more explanations to reach 300!
|  >
| Language according to Asterix (at least the English translations):
| Latin is essentially Gaulish, but tour guides need to say both.
| Norse is essentially Gaulish with rings on top of a's and o's slashed.
| Greek is essentially Gaulish with an angular version of the Latin script.
| All Celtic languagues are essentially the same with different idioms, what.
| Gothic is essentially Gaulish in Fraktur.
| Hewbrew is essentially Gaulish.

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