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conlang update

Date:Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 15:20
joining the recent flux of lang updates (Christophe, Mia, Jeffrey,
et alia)

Tunu now looks more like a decent hoaxlang with :

1. SVO word order in sentence, subclause and compounds
2. head-tail, determiner-determinee, PoS tags prefixed
3. no adjectives, adverbs, genders, articles, plural, verb flexions

i don't know of any IAL with all that-- if i'm wrong tell me so--
so hoaxlang Tunu is definitely ahead of them in the quest for universal
pidginistic enslavement and creolistic nothingificationalitism(oj?).

(i plan to write more about my saphir-warp theory according to which
if you think differently you end up speaking a conlang)

with 2 "lessons", 1430 root words and a 2300 words' list.
i can write and i speak it a little now so i can finally join conlanging
relays and will start updating my ageing conlangers' page.

BUT the same old pics make my site so graphically boring.
does anybody know of a website to find cool illustrations
for a mock lang lessons ?