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Cho-ba and Osëweb pages

From:callanish <callanish@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 17:24
Greetings everyone!

After a multi-year absence, I'm back and finally working on my languages
again. I now have new web pages for Cho-ba (so anyone with a list of links
can remove Cho-ba from the "dead links" section!) and also pages for Osë, a
sibling of sorts. I have grammatical outlines up as well as some short
samples and pages describing their history, which I intend to translate into
the languages themselves when I have time, in order to have an longer text
sample available.

I have started working now on pages for Rozhendi too -- nothing there yet
save a brief intro, but more is coming soon, I promise! I also put up a
"conlang biography" about my conlanging life and the
languages I've made, if anyone's interested in that sort of personal info.
Please do check it out and get in touch. I'm interested to know what people

Everything's at

Slane lhiuish nish,

Thomas Leigh