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Re: Weakly vocab 3

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Saturday, February 14, 2004, 23:40
Useful stuff!  Wheee!  =D

In Jovian:

--- In, takatunu <takatunu@F...> wrote:

 > (i) Substuff:
 > the man who talks

ih omme, ci louge
[i hAm  ki lowg]

 > the shirt that I want to buy

id hende, cod vou ewer
[i hend  kA vow 'e:v@r]

 > (ii) Can you feel the difference?:
 > a belief that makes life acceptable

ja fizé, cae faege toldraevel en vida
[j@ vi'ze:  ke fajg tAl'drajv@l em mi:d]

 > the belief that she is still alive

ih creitu ud eidun ueve
[i krejt hu 'dejd@ 'ny@v]

 > a belief that everyone shares

u creitu, en ci oenes jeren
[@ krejt  eN gi Ajnz 'je:r@]

 > (iii) Hide & Seek:
 > Who is the man you will talk to?

¿Ci ix ih omme, ei ci is louger?

 > What is the gift you will buy today?

¿Cod ix id donun, cod is ewer hoe?
[kA diS id 'do:n@  kA di 'ze:v@r hAj]

 > I saw the man who your brother told his wife his father was the
Emperor of
 > Patagonia.

Hau ueste en omme, de ci tuh frare hae dicte su ei xore
[ho ySt en Am  d@ gi tu fra:r he ziCt su e So:r]

ud suh pare ix ih iombradur yh Patagoena.
[u dzu pa:r iS i him'bra:d@r y ,pat@'gAjn]

-- Christian Thalmann