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Re: Weakly vocab 3

From:Dennis Paul Himes <himes@...>
Date:Saturday, February 14, 2004, 1:26
takatunu <takatunu@...> wrote:
> > the man who talks
msenla srzo Literally: talking man "Man" here really means male sentient. To make it explicity refer to a human you would say: msenla srzo esnfe
> the shirt that I want to buy
hyazep zep mnefmu srefmu xvehalat wnek mvana Literally: the shirt for which is an exchanger using money which is desired by me to be the future me
> a belief that makes life acceptable
fmep xa nrau we fsemavyp fsynaot zyakulap Literally: a possible knowledge which because of this therefore acceptible life
> the belief that she is still alive
zep fehry snau zyakulap Literally: a possible knowledge which is her presently living (Actually, the sex of what I've translated as "her" is not specified. To do so replace "snau" with "hmneu" or "hmnu".)
> a belief that everyone shares
matzep frsnau zyakulap Literally: a possible knowledge having which is everyone
> Who is the man you will talk to?
Rzosrzo mzazep msenla srenapu u? Literally: Which man is it directed towards which is the future talking you?
> What is the gift you will buy today?
Srenapu hyarzohlu wnek? Literally: The future you is an exchanger using which gift? (with the preposition used for "using" indicating that the gift is being received and not given)
> I saw the man who your brother told his wife his father was the Emperor of > Patagonia.
Fmu mep fetnaeap mevna xrtwemse fetEpatakonya fetfrekznaytro srzo freknyo mzasrzo hyaehna freku. Literally: I am the past one using sight directed to the man who is a past male child with respect to a past primary official with respect to Patagonia evidenced by words associated with a wife with respect to your brother. More or less. -- "Wife" and "brother" are loose translations of the Gladilatian terms used. Vocabulary (* = new for this exercise) akulap n. knowledge eap n. someone contemporarily in the same birth family ehna n. sight Epatakonya n. Patagonia esnfe n. human fe at. present fet p. with respect to fmep r. who/which (habitual, repeated) fmu n. I fr at. all, every frek at. past fsema n. permission, acceptance fsyna n. (someone's) life halat n. money hlu n. gift hmne ad. female hmnu n. woman (i.e. female sentient) hry ad. living hya p. user of, using (for the purpose of using) mat p. possessing, having, controlling me p. associated with mne p. desired by mse n. word msenla ad. talking, conversing, speaking *mvana n. shirt mza p. directed to na at. your napu n. you nra at. this (i.e. pertaining to topic) nyo ad. child ot su. (abstractor) rzo at. which? sna at. sentient sre at. future srzo ad. male srzo n. man (i.e. male sentient) u su. (nominalizer) vna n. a female contemporarily in the same joined family vyp su. (adjectivizer for nouns) we at. plural wnek n. exchanger xa...we c. because ... (and ...) therefore ... xrt p. evidenced by, verified by, logically supported by xve p. user of, using (as an aid for something else) ytro n. official zep r. who/which (temporary) zna at. primary, fundamental zy st. possibly (with uncertainty) =========================================================================== Dennis Paul Himes <> Gladilatian page: Disclaimer: "True, I talk of dreams; which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy; which is as thin of substance as the air." - Romeo & Juliet, Act I Scene iv Verse 96-99


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