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Re: Stupid questions

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 22, 2001, 20:17
your volitional aspect sounds interesting for me.

i categorize the following kinds perceptions (=senses):
hypernym: 1.   perception
hyponyms: 1.1  visual-perception
          1.2  accoustic-perception
          1.3  odor-percetion
          1.4  flavour-perception
          1.5  fumble-perception
 1.6 inner-body-perception (e.g. headache, the feeling of a full stomach, inner
pains, etc.)
 1.7 balance&direction perception (e.g. to determine spatial directions, and to
keep balance)
from those i create generic compounds which at first dont distinguish aspects.
(without aspect-markers)
those generic forms are often missed in natural languages because e.g. "hear",
"listen" are aspect-affected already.

variants of visual perception i can scratch out of my memory are:

now thats how i would categorize them:
aspectless                                    ~ see
aspect of volition                            = look
aspect of inattention                         = ?
aspect of occupation                          = watch
aspect of sudden notice                       ~ sudden visual notice
aspect of search/seek                         = peer, or peek
aspect of detection (to have found something) = ?
aspect of analysis/examination                ~ observe[1]
aspect of persecution                         ~ observe[2] (paparazzi-like)
im sure man could add ca. 10 more that would make sense in everyday-usage as
compound with the term" visual-perception"

i have the feeling that the simple distinction between "volitional" and "non-volitional"
doenst make it.



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