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Re: Ethnologue exercise

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Saturday, September 16, 2000, 15:11
Well, if SIL exist in Zera, they would probably had an entry like the

Ethnologue: Areas: America


Kingdom of Kurimpe, Kurimpe dukarim. 27,156,000 (1998). 150,000 to
200,000 speakers of American Native languages (Kimidagu 1994), 50,000
to 80,000 speakers of creoles (Hendrikson 1993). Literacy rate 80% to
90%. Information mainly from SIL 1996. Hangkerimic, secular,
Christianity, traditional religion. Blind population 22,000 (1982
WCE). Deaf population 215,000 in Colombia (1995). Deaf institutions:
5. Data accuracy estimate: A1, A2. The number of languages listed for
Kurimpe is 76. Of those, 65 are living languages and 11 are extinct.

40,000 in Yelamha; recognized as separate language from Hangkerimian
in 1814, intelligible with Hangkerimian, most population bilingual
(Hangkerimian).  Andinean, Carib-Andinean, Hangkerimid.  Recognized
official minority language since 1965.  80% to 85% literate.  Typology
SOV, aglutinative, synthetic.  Latin script. 98% Christians.  Braile
Bible.  Bible 1587-1984.  NT 1569-1989.  Bible portions 1547-1989.

all in Kurimpe, intelligible with Hangkerimian.  Andinean,
Carib-Andinean, Hangkerimid.  Recognized official monority language
since 1972.  Typology SVO aglutinating.  Hangkerim script and Latin
script.  Christians

HANGKERIMIAN (HANGKERIMCE) [HKC] 27,000,000 speakers in Kurimpe,
11,000,000 in Daluram, 28,000,000 in Yelamha, 6,000,000 outside
Hangkerim countries; most speakers of other languages are bilingual in
Hangkerimce.  Andinean, Carib-Andinean, Hangkerimid.  National
language.  80% to 90% literate.  Typology SOV, aglutinative,
polisynthetic.  Native syllabary script.  Mainly Hangkerimic, about
300,000 Christians and 700,000 Hangke-Christians.  Braile Bible.
Bible 1615-1985.  NT 1603-1985.

HANKY CASTILIAN (CRIOLLO) [HCA] 35,000 speakers in Kurimpe, 120,000
speakers in Daluram and Yelamha; 85% bilingual (Hangkerimian),
intelligible with Castillian, Floridian and Diegian.  Indo-European,
Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Ibero-Romance, North,
Central.  Recognized as separate language than Castillian since
orthography revision 1794, official minority language since 1965.
Typology SOV, inflecting, isolating.  Latin script.  Mostly
Christians.  Bible 1796-1987.  NT 1795-1985.  Bible portions

MOSKIAN (MOSCHA) [MSC] 74,000 speakers in Kurimpe, 23,000 in Yelamha;
80% bilingual (Hangkerimian).  Chebinian, Southern Chebinian.
Recognized minority language.  75% to 80% literate.  Typology SVO,
inflecting.  Modified Hangkerim script and Latin script used.
Hangkerimid and a few Christian.  Bible portions 1614-1999, work in

NEW CARTAGENIAN (NYUCAR) [HCA] 65,000 speakers in Kurimpe, 105,000
speakers in Daluram and Yelamha; 80% bilingual (Hangkerimian),
intelligible with some Caribean English dialects.  Indo-European,
Germanic, West, North Sea, English.  Recognized as separate language
than English since orthography revision 1845, official monority
language since 1965.  Typology SVO, isolating.  Latin script though
modified Hangkerim script is also used.  Mostly Christians.  Bible
1848-1997.  NT 1846-1997.  Bible portions 1845-1998.