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Re: Help with Indonesian word

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, September 20, 2002, 10:43
Luis Henrique wrote:

>I know some people here are fluent in Indonesian. These days I have come >across some web-pages that refer to a anti-communist organisation in >Indonesia called "Kap-Gestapu". Is this a coincidence, or is it a reference >to the German Nazi political police? And if it is a coincidence, what >does "Gestapu" mean, or is it an acronym?
It's _probably_ borrowed "Gestapo"-- but what is Kap? That's not an Indo. word either.... and _could_ be their spelling of Engl. cop, so Cop-Gestapo, right-wing groups (death squads?) made up of renegade or official police? OTOH there's a common custom of making up acronym words from syllables of a phrase--- e.g. Suharto's political party was called Golkar, for "Golongan Karya"-- so as a pure guess, Ge-sta-pu could be < gerakan 'movement', stat (or setat) 'state' (Dutch loan), pulisi (~polisi) police, "Police-state movement".?????? (Pulisi~polisi is < Dutch politie; the official form is polisi, but it's often pronounced and written pulisi). Actually I'm surprised-- I thought Communism was a totally dead issue in Indonesia. On a lighter note (I've mentioned this before)-- at the time Suharto was being deposed, student wags claimed that his name stood for "sudah harus tobat"-- 'should have repented'. Later on, when his successor Gus Abdurrahim (Gus Dur) was having problems, they said "Gus Dur" stood for "Agustus mundur"-- 'steps down in August'