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Another Relay, Already!

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Monday, July 22, 2002, 14:30
Bob Greenwade is running another Conlang Relay...if you want in, mail him at

With the following Information:
Name: [I'll have your email address from the From: header]
Language URL (if any):
Preferred received language (if any):
Preferred Group [see below]:

    The "Groups" will be as follows:
    One: people who really don't want to deal with mutated text.  There
will probably be some minor mutations here, but nothing significant.
    Two: people whose languages have one or more unusual features,
particularly odd ways of expressing some simple concept that we take for
    Three: people whose languages spring from fictional cultures that
regard some aspect of life or the universe in some unusual manner.
    Four: people who think they'd enjoy working with a text that has
seriously mutated from its original meaning

After that, remember, join the mailing list here:


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